Walking in the footsteps of her Grandfather

Vimy Pilgrimage Award Student Rachel walks in the footsteps of her Grandfather a Second World War Veteran.

Original photo of Rachel’s grandfather and two of his friends during the Second World War.
Recreation of her Grandfather’s photo

Rachel gets help from Jake to complete the rubbing of her soldier’s name.


“Today we got to go back to the Vimy memorial and it meant way more than it did when we were there for the celebration. It was peaceful, calm, and breathtaking. When I originally knew I was going to Vimy Ridge I thought the memorial was a square white box with two pillars coming up from it. This was not at all what it was. There were stairs and statues that you could look at forever. It was very cool to find my soldier. As I looked along the wall his name jumped out at me. It very cool to know that his name was actually on the memorial. I had built such a connection with him, and this just deepened the connection. However, his name was at the very top and I could not really reach it. So, after, Jake helped me put the paper up he went down on his hands and knees and let me step on his back so I could do my soldiers rubbing. This was so nice of him!

I also got to reincarnate the photo of my Grandad who came here as a soldier during WW2. He is standing next grieving mother with two of his friends, one on either side. I tried to repeat this pose and I can’t wait to show him. After the memorial, we did soldier presentations and it was very interesting to hear how every kid connected a little bit differently with their soldier.

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