Vimy Ridge, We Stand on Guard for Thee

By Katheryn Bezaire, Windsor, Ontario

Currie took control,
Standing tall,
Boots shined,
Uniform slightly pressed.

He looked out to his troops,
Admiring their eager young faces,
And wondering if he had done all he could to prepare them.
Maps had been issued,
And they had been well-rested, he hoped.

“Well”, he said to himself, “the day has come at last, but I know my boys will come back alive”,
He peered down at his watch, it was 0500 hours,
The raid begins in half an hour.
“They know what they must do,we will take this ridge and hold it, no other force could. We will stand on guard, and the ridge will be ours”, he thought to himself.

His watch struck 0530,
He called in a mighty voice, “Advance!”,
The troops all began to run, weapons in hand,
Into another long, dangerous battle.

Finally, three days later,
The firing stopped,
The enemy was conquered.
Victory came at last,and the nightmare was over,
At least for another day.