Architects Of Liberty

By Candice James, New Westminster BC

The spirits of the fallen soldiers,*
Ghostly sentinels of the Vimy Oaks, still stand on guard;
They witness the return of the acorns
And know they are remembered and held in high regard.

They live on in our memory
Those architects of liberty,
Who gave their lives at Vimy Ridge;
Victims of war’s sacrilege.

They set their boots on foreign land;
Canada’s sons on command.
Gunfire echoed overhead.
Men fell wounded; men fell dead.

Reverberating through the years:
The emptiness and the tears;
The stain of anguish and bloodshed;
The silent bodies of the dead.

They gave their lives to keep us free,
Those architects of liberty.

We wear the blood red poppy…
Lest We Forget.



*Three thousand five hundred and ninety-eight (3,598) Canadian soldiers were killed during the battle of Vimy Ridge (April 9, 1917) but the result was an impressive victory over German forces. The “return of the acorns” acts as a reminder that their bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten.