Army Cadet Cpl. Ciaran Dodds stepped up to the Vimy pin-selling challenge and sold 672 pins in just a few short months! The 14-year-old from Strathroy, Ontario, received the Vimy Pilgrimage Award for his hard work and dedication and will be joining 28 other outstanding youth from across Canada for a week long trip in Europe. Congratulations to Cadet Cpt. Dodds! For the full story, please click the following link:


On behalf of The Vimy Foundation I would like to thank the Government of Canada for launching the new ePassport.

You should be commended, Minister, for another federal initiative that showcases the best of Canadian history and which makes us all proud of our shared past.

The Vimy Foundation’s mission is to preserve and promote Canada’s 1st World War legacy, as symbolized by the victory at Vimy Ridge in April 1917. So, in particular, we are very pleased that one of the new passport’s featured images will of the Vimy memorial.

Vimy is an iconic milestone for Canada where our country came of age and was recognized on the world stage; it was also very much a victory for creative Canadian planning and innovation. Isn’t it appropriate that this new ePassport contains world class security features and images that are reflective of our values, modern and innovative — they communicate a tradition of staying on top of our game that began, one might argue, 95 years ago on a cold and snowy morning in France.

The Foundation hopes to inspire youth (and new Canadians) by carrying out its mission through education and distribution of a pin, such as the one I am wearing this morning on my lapel. More information about the Vimy Foundation can be found at

In conclusion and picking up on a point made in your remarks, Minister, “a generation which ignores history has no past and no future”.

Congratulations and thank you.

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Battle of Vimy Ridge celebrations to start on April 4th

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister of Veterans Affairs Steven Blaney received yesterday a Vimy Pin from two Vimy Foundation alumni in preparation for the 95th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge Day, which will be commemorated on April 9th. See story at

Canadians will be invited to participate in a variety of Vimy Week activities (April 1st to April 9th) and to learn more about their Canadian heritage.

“Canada’s contribution, sacrifice and determination in World War I, as best represented by the Battle of Vimy Ridge, were pivotal in shaping the course of our nation,” said David Houghton, President of the Vimy Foundation. “The Vimy Foundation believes that the key to a successful future lies in knowing one’s past, and this unique pin helps us to share the remarkable story of Vimy with younger generations.”

The Vimy Foundation, with the gracious help of Shaw Communications who made this year’s pin campaign possible, will celebrate the 95th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy with various awareness activities, including fundraising, educational and commemoration events. More information will be unveiled in the coming weeks.