Monthly Donation

Thank you for supporting the Vimy Foundation. Your monthly donation to our general programming allows us the stability to plan for the year ahead, and the flexibility to direct your donation to our ongoing programs.

Donation amount: x12 months

$10 $20 $50

Minimum Price: $10.00 / month


Make a Donation and Support the Vimy Foundation

At the Vimy Foundation we are dedicated to creating opportunities for young Canadians to learn about our First World War legacy, as symbolized with the victory at Vimy over 100 years ago. That’s why we develop education programs such as the Beaverbrook Vimy Prize, the Vimy Pilgrimage Award, and Vimy: Canada’s Coming of Age, to help youth learn more about the sacrifices made by an entire generation 100 years ago.

The Vimy Foundation raises funds for its educational initiatives and awareness-building campaigns thanks to the generous contributions of private and corporate donors as well as merchandise sales.

The Foundation actively seeks your support. Donors can receive a tax benefit, since the Foundation is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act. We are able to issue tax receipts for any donation over $10, and the federal government has eliminated capital gains tax when you donate publicly listed securities to official charities like the Vimy Foundation. Please contact us directly at 514.904.1007 or 416.595.1917 if you are interested in discussing different options to help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

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