6 June 1944
The Normandy Landings

Infantrymen in a Landing Craft Assault (LCA) going ashore from H.M.C.S. PRINCE HENRY.
Credit: PO Dennis Sullivan / Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-132790.

Today marks the 73rd Anniversary of the Normandy landings, made during the Second World War in 1944. In the early minutes of June 6, the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion jumped from their aircraft, the first Canadians to set foot in France that monumental day. The paratroopers succeeded in securing the Drop Zone, before heading off and destroying numerous bridges on approaches to the beachhead. By midday, the Canadian paratroopers had achieved all their objectives.

Meanwhile, at 07:49 in the morning, Canadian infantrymen stormed ashore at Juno Beach. Fighting through beach obstacles, machine gun and artillery fire, the Canadians routed the defenders and by noon Juno Beach was clear, with the fight carrying inland. By nightfall of 6 June 1944, the Canadians had advanced the furthest inland of all invading forces that day.

The Vimy Foundation commemorates the sacrifices made 73 years ago today. For more information on the Normandy landings, we suggest visiting the Juno Beach Centre, either in-person or online!

Although an overwhelming success compared to the Dieppe Raid of 1942, the Normandy landings were not without casualties. Indicative wreckage litters the surf just off the beach.
Credit: Frank L. Dubervill / Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-132895.

German prisoners captured at Juno. La Maison des Canadiens stands out in the background.
Credit: Ken Bell / Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-132474.
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