Veterans and Commemoration

September 17th, 12pm EST

The fifth instalment of this limited series, in partnership with the Canadian War Museum, explored veterans and commemorations. This conversation between Dr. Tim Cook, acting director of research at the Canadian War Museum, and Prasanna Iyengar, 2010 Vimy Prize Alumnus, looked at the signification of collective memory.



Mentioned in the Webinar: Fields of Sacrifice by Donald Brittain


This 1964 documentary returns to the battlefields where over 100,000 Canadian soldiers lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars. The film also visits cemeteries where servicemen are buried. Filmed from Hong Kong to Sicily, this documentary is designed to show Canadians places they have reason to know but may not be able to visit.


Fields of Sacrifice, Donald Brittain, provided by the National Film Board of Canada