(in French) Loi sur les mesures de guerre

August 20th, 2o2o, 12pm EST

(recording in French) Cette quatrième conversation de la série, présentée en partenariat avec le Musée canadien de la guerre, explore la Loi sur les mesures de guerre lors des conflits historiques de la Première et de la Seconde Guerre mondiale d’un point de vue contemporain.

Mentioned during the Webinar

Minoru: Memory of Exile

The bombing of the American naval base at Pearl Harbor thrust 9-year-old Minoru Fukushima into a world of racism so malevolent he would be forced to leave Canada, the land of his birth. Like thousands of other Japanese Canadians, Minoru and his family were branded as an enemy of Canada, dispatched to internment camps in British Columbia and finally deported to Japan. Directed by Michael Fukushima, Minoru’s son, the film combines classical animation with archival material. The memories of the father are interspersed with the voice of the son, weaving a tale of a birthright lost and recovered.

Minoru: Memory of Exile, Michael Fukushima, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

Additional Resource

Confined : Reflections on Internment in Canada
during theFirst World War

An exhibit by the Canadian Centre for the Great War available online here.