Beaverbrook Vimy Prize Blog – August 8, 2016

Hello from Harrow-on-the-hill!

We all arrived this morning after a relatively easy flight with just a little bit of turbulence as we crossed over the Atlantic. Everyone in the group is doing well and are super excited to finally be here in London! We had a lovely little picnic lunch and then ventured into Central London on the Tube (London Transport) for a guided tours of the Houses of Parliament. Our tour guide was very informative. Students were impressed by the large murals, decorative ceilings and to be inside the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Many have commented on how the British parliamentary system can be likened to the governmental structures in Canada. Our first glance of the beautiful Big Ben clock and hearing the ringing of 4 o’clock chimes from the tower were definitely highlights today. We also did a brief walk over to the park across from the Houses of Parliament to see monuments to Nelson Mandela, Sir Winston Churchill, Former British-War-time David Lloyd George. As one participant commented “everything I’ve read about is coming to life!”

It is a delight to see and hear our participants’ reactions to seeing such well-known buildings and commemorations to famous British people they know. Tonight we heard our first of the BVP presentations from our participants and learned about the life and work of Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Robert Borden. We were impressed by their knowledge and research, use of primary sources materials to bring their presentations to life. The weather is perfect here and all our amazing BVP participants are now resting soundly after a fantastic but long first day here. We cannot wait for all that is planned tomorrow as we visit the Churchill War Rooms, do the London Memorials walk by our UK coordinator Hanna and spend some time getting up close and personal with Imperial War Museum researchers and curators.

Goodnight from Harrow!

Katy Whitfield, Education Coordinator