Gilles Levasseur

Lawyer and professor of economics, management and law, Gilles is actively involved with issues surrounding constitutional law and more specifically, language rights in Canada. He acted as a constitutional expert for the Language Rights Support Program.

Thanks to his vast experience in the French language field Gilles has been involved with many important organizations, both provincially and nationally. His various positions have included president of the Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario (CCO) he was also a founding member and administrator of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada. Gilles has been the president of the Regroupement des organismes du patrimoine franco-ontarien (ROPFO), president of the Forum for French Expression of Common Law with the Canadian Bar Association, president of the postal users committee for Canada Post, president of the Canadian Bar Association’s committee on official languages, treasurer for the Association of French Speaking Jurists of Ontario (AJEFO), vice-president of the Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne, and member of the administrative council of the Centre de folklore franco-ontarien (CFOF).

Gilles is the author of eight books, three of which relate to the condition of Francophones in Ontario and Canada. Gilles LeVasseur has been the recipient of the Order of Ontario, l’Ordre des Francophones d’Amérique, the Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for his contributions to the preservation of Franco-Ontarian heritage, a distinction from the government of Ontario for his volunteer work in regards to francophone organizations as well as both Golden and Diamond Jubilee medals for his contributions to the French speaking community of Canada. He was also the recipient of the Séraphin-Marion prize bestowed by the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal for his work on expanding the francophone community outside of Quebec. Most recently Gilles was awarded the Ordre du mérite des caisses populaires de l’Ontario for his contributions related to the expansion of co-operatives in Canada.