Beaverbrook Vimy Prize Blog – 11 August 2018

Today, our 2018 Beaverbrook Vimy Prize recipients visited the Imperial War Museums London and had the opportunity to participate in a lecture and workshop from Anna Maguire of King’s College London and James Wallace of the University of Essex. Later, the students did a memorial walking tour across the city and visited the Churchill War Rooms. (Please note: students will blog in their language of preference).

As we walked the streets of London today, I was still trying to grasp the surreal feeling of being able to take part in this experience. We spent the day touring the Imperial War Museum, learning about monuments around the city, and visiting the Churchill War Rooms. The First World War exhibit at the IWM had the greatest impact on me because I was able to learn about events in history through real stories and artefacts from the war. Before this program, my knowledge of the World Wars was limited to what I was taught in the classroom. For years, I have attended Remembrance Day ceremonies and been told that we must honour the sacrifices of those who served but never fully understood the extent of what they experienced. Going through the exhibit today, however, I learned about the experiences of soldiers, children, and families during the First World War. A letter that a nine-year-old wrote resonated with me the most when he requested to help the army. The impacts of the war were evident especially when young children were so deeply affected. I can only imagine the horrors faced by soldiers as they fought in the trenches, by civilians who fell in the crossfire, and by families who waited for their loved ones to return. The First World War did not only impact the soldiers who fought in it, but rather people all around the world and the exhibit at the Imperial War Museum allowed me to develop a much deeper understanding of the broader impacts of war.

Ghalia Aamer, Edmonton AB


Aujourdhui fût une journée bien remplie, pleine dapprentissages, pleine dactivités et pleine démotion. Mon moment fétiche de la journée fût la visite du musée IWM et plus particulièrement la section sur les héros de la guerre. Jai trouvé que la présentation était très attirante visuellement mais aussi auditive et tactile. Jai ressenti un profond intérêt envers lapprentissage sur les soldats et lexploit de leur rôle, et j`ai trouvé cela brillant davoir réservé une galerie pour eux. Ce nétait pas que les héros de guerre qui furent abordés dans cette galerie : les femmes, héroïnes, furent également exposées dans une partie de cette exposition.

Finalement, le moment dont je vais faire part ici, c`est la section de lholocauste. Je crois que certaines choses à propos de cet horrible moment de lhistoire sont des tabous, mais oser d`aborder ces choses et cest ce qui ajoute lélément sensible à un musée. Ce qui ma affectée le plus a été de voir des images denfants juifs décédés et ce quils fesaient de leurs pauvres corps. Regarder ces images cest difficile et cela me fait penser à limportance dune simple vie et au nombre de celles-ci qui ont été perdues trop tôt.

Alix Gravel, Bromont QC займы онлайн без залога