#100DaysofVimy – March 8th, 2017

Each Wednesday we will highlight the women of the First World War.

Today: Farmerettes

In Ontario, the Farm Service Corps recognized the contribution of Farmerettes with this lapel badge.
Credit: Canadian War Museum, Organization Lapel Badge, Object Number 19790520-003.

Although popularized by the Second World War and Canadian icon “Ronnie, the Bren Gun Girl” (Veronica Foster), munitions factories were not the only area of the war effort in which women took up jobs. The Canadian Expeditionary Force also needed to be fed, and thus the farms were worked by women who became known as “Farmerettes”. Often sent out into the country from urban areas, the farmerettes were provided accommodation by the YWCA and took part in all aspects of farming; planting, weeding, pruning, harvesting, packing, and shipping.

Farmerettes attend a 1918 Victory Loan & Bonds Parade on Montreal’s Sherbrooke Street.
Credit: George Metcalf Archival Collection,
Canadian War Museum, Farmerettes, Object Number 20030331-019.

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