#100DaysofVimy – March 3rd, 2017

Each Friday, we will revisit an interesting poll result from the past few years. How do you compare to other Canadians?
See our past poll results here: (http://www.vimyfoundation.ca/learn/poll-results/)

Over the last few weeks we have been following the construction of the Vimy Memorial with our Sunday “Remembering Vimy” posts. On the centennial of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, communities across Canada will gather at their local cenotaph to commemorate. However, an April 2015 poll by the Vimy Foundation revealed that the state of Canada’s cenotaphs might not befit the honour that is due to Canada’s fallen heroes. Four in ten (40%) Canadians ‘agree’ (8% strongly/32% somewhat) that ‘the war cenotaph/memorial in my community is in need of repair and/or restoration’.

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