#100DaysofVimy – March 17th, 2017

Each Friday, we will revisit an interesting poll result from the past few years. How do you compare to other Canadians? See our past poll results here: (http://www.vimyfoundation.ca/learn/poll-results/)

Next Sunday, we’ll be posting about the Vimy Pilgrimage of 1936, when over 6,200 Canadians travelled back to Europe for the unveiling of the Vimy Memorial, in what was the largest mass pilgrimage of Canadians to ever return to the battlefields of Europe. In 2017, perhaps for the first time, the original Vimy Pilgrimage may finally be outdone. In fact, an April 2015 poll found that 5% of Canadians say that they or a member of their family is planning to travel to France in 2017 for the centennial observances of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and the unveiling of the new Vimy Education Centre.

Source: IPSOS Reid Poll for The Vimy Foundation, April 2015.
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