#100DaysofVimy – March 11th, 2017

Each Saturday, we’ll share a reflection from our past student participants about the impact of their visit to Vimy Ridge and other sites of the First World War.

Visiting the Vimy Memorial in 2014, Beaverbrook Vimy Prize recipient Daniel Mateus found the moment overwhelming:

“Standing in front of the Vimy Memorial, something dedicated to thousands of dead soldiers, I felt overwhelmed with both sadness and pride. Sadness that these Canadians had to lose their lives in the war, but proud that they were so brave, and proud that Canada built such an amazing memorial for them. When I visited Private James Phillips’ grave (the Canadian soldier I had researched before the trip), I was overcome with emotion… I felt honoured that I was one of the few people left in the world that still remembered James and what he had done, and when I placed the Canadian flags I had brought down to his row of graves, I considered how eventually all Canadian soldiers will be remembered, thanks in part to the Vimy Foundation’s Beaverbrook Vimy Prize scholarship. The feelings and experiences that I felt are very difficult to describe, but what the Vimy Foundation is doing by providing this scholarship is changing the lives of Canadian teenagers every year.”

2014 Beaverbrook Vimy Prize recipient Daniel Mateus stands before an expanse of headstones at a Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery.
Credit: The Vimy Foundation, 2014.
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