#100DaysofVimy – February 3, 2017

Each Friday, we will revisit an interesting poll result from the past few years. How do you compare to other Canadians? See our past poll results here: (http://www.vimyfoundation.ca/learn/poll-results/)

From 2014 to 2018, Canada and those around the world are marking the 100th anniversary of many important milestones from the First World War. But an April 2015 poll found most Canadians are not entirely aware of these important anniversaries. Four in ten (44%) ‘agree’ that they are ‘aware of upcoming centennial anniversaries of important moments of the First World War, such as poet John McCrae’s In Flanders Fields, the Battle of Ypres, the Battle of Vimy Ridge, etc’. However, a majority (56%) ‘disagrees’ that they are aware of these important milestones. займ на карту