#100DaysofVimy – February 14, 2017

Each Tuesday, we will feature a place in Canada (or international!) with a Vimy Ridge connection. Today we highlight:

Roads of Remembrance

Last week we were introduced to the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE), a women’s organization that worked to care for troops overseas and raise funds for the war effort on the home front. In the years following the First World War, the IODE strove to have the sacrifices of Commonwealth troops remembered in their communities. In Canada, the IODE championed the creation of Roads of Rememberance. More commonly known as “Memorial Avenues”, they were meant to echo the tree-lined roads of rural France, seen by the Canadians while overseas. The straightest possible avenue of a community was chosen, which was then lined with planted trees in perfect symmetry. Each tree was then specifically dedicated with a bronze plaque to a fallen son of the First World War. It is believed that the Next of Kin Memorial Avenue in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is the last remaining Memorial Avenue in Canada to retain its original integrity. As such it has been dedicated as a National Historic Site of Canada.

The tree-lined Next-of-Kin Memorial Avenue in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Credit: Parks Canada Agency / Agence Parcs Canada, 2003.
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