#100DaysofVimy – April 4th, 2017

Each Tuesday, we will feature a place in Canada (or international!) with a Vimy Ridge connection. Today we highlight:

Battalion Park – Signal Hill, Calgary

Members of the 66th (Edmonton Guards) Battalion march along Signal Hill in 1915.
Credit: The Military Museums of Calgary, 2017.
An aerial view of the surviving geoglyphs in Signal Hill’s Battalion Park.
Credit: The City of Calgary, 2017.

Signal Hill’s Battalion Park in Calgary bears a lasting monument by the men who trained at Sarcee Camp during the First World War. During the establishment of the camp, as part of their training, recruits were required to fill their packs with rocks from a nearby river, and march overland for two kilometres back to camp. The rocks were then used to mark their respective Battalion boundaries within the massive training camp. Before departing overseas, many Battalions took their collected rocks, white-washed them, and created massive geoglyphs of their Battalion numbers, on the side of Signal Hill. Today, Battalion Park contains the geoglyphs of the 51st (Edmonton), the 113th (Lethbridge Highlanders), the 137th (Calgary), and the 151st (Central Alberta) Battalions. These remain on Signal Hill today, as monuments to the 45,000 Canadians who trained and went to war from that spot.

For additional information, follow the link for an interview with Senior Curator/Director of Collections, Rory Cory of The Military Museums of Calgary –  http://alberta.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=490428.

Credit: The Military Museums of Calgary, 2017.

Photographs of Sarcee Camp in 1915 indicate the number of historical monuments that were destroyed by urban development – the geoglyphs of the 66th Bn and 13th OMR, shown here, being lost.
Credit: The Military Museums of Calgary, 2017.