#100DaysofVimy – February 10, 2017

Each Friday, we will revisit an interesting poll result from the past few years. How do you compare to other Canadians? See our past poll results here: (http://www.vimyfoundation.ca/learn/poll-results/)

November 2016 – Canadians Lead in Attending War Remembrance Ceremonies

As noted in our poll last week, centennial anniversary commemorations of important First World War milestones have been ongoing across the world since 2014, and will continue late into 2018. In light of these numerous events taking place, a November 2016 poll found that one quarter (25%) of Canadians say they’ve attended a war remembrance ceremony in the past 12 months, while fewer residents of Great Britain (18%), the USA (16%), Belgium (14%), France (11%) and Germany (4%) say the same.

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